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Washington Forward Party

FORWARD WA is a state affiliate of the national FORWARD Party — a grassroots political association for the 21st Century. We use modern communication tools to amplify our needs and values. We seek to elect and endorse candidates for the 2024 Washington election.

FORWARD is creating a political home for everyone willing to work together in good faith to find practical ways to make our state and country better.

FORWARD believes in approaching one another with grace and tolerance, finding ways to bring us up rather than knock us down.

Join our private social media to connect and work with us. We do not track or sell you to advertisers. Instead, our social media works to move Washington State and our country FORWARD.


Meet FWD WA Chair Krist Novoselić to hear what’s happening with this new party in Washington State.

Spokane — December 7, 5:30 to 7:00pm at Kismet in Hillyard.