Join the Washington Forward Party!

In order to join the Washington Forward Party, you must agree to the Statement of Principles, be a resident of Washington, and be eligible to vote in the next general election.

Statement of Principles:

  • To respect people and their differences in both cultures and values.
  • To respect and encourage individual choice.
  • To never use or encourage hate speech or violence.
  • To support a fair and flourishing economy.
  • To promote an open and safe society where we can learn, work, and live.
  • To support reforms to the American Democracy that improve the system for all people.
  • To act ethically and civilly whenever able.
  • To encourage civic engagement.
  • To encourage voting of all who are eligible.
  • To follow the laws of the State of Washington in all aspects of life.

Breaking any of these principles will be grounds for removal from the Washington Forward Party.